International cooperation and student exchange with Germany has a very important role for our school. The first contacts from the 1980s with the Realschule Ailingen High School have been transformed into a strong and well-established connection system with Karl Maybach and Graf Zeppelin from Friedrichshafen and Gesamtschule Paderborn Elsen from Paderborn. An impressive number of nearly 500 students have passed through the student exchange program for the last two decades and have had the opportunity to travel to another country. The exchange projects take place each school year in two phases, that is, at the beginning of the school year when German guests come to Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the spring, when our students go to Germany. During the exchange, students stay in host families, and a diverse and stimulating program is organized for them, which includes study tours, thematic workshops, joint sports events, city tours and intercultural encounters with intensive exchange. The main objectives of these projects are learning and improving the German language, learning about cultures, traditions, and the education system, as well as the development of values, such as tolerance, openness, joy in working with others, taking responsibility and multiculturalism. The exchange of students with grammar schools in Friedrichshafen began in 1996 and since then it has been an integral part of more than 45-year partnership between Sarajevo and Friedrichshafen. After more than 20 years of the exchange program, there is still a great interest in participating in the exchange program. In 2016, the number of participants increased to 70. We can proudly say that student exchange has become a symbol of the true friendship between our schools and cities, especially emphasizing the generous support of the city administrations of Friedrichshafen and Sarajevo in the implementation of the exchange program. In 2003, Ms. Paša Sarić, teacher from “Prva gimnazija”, received the honorary degree from the city of Friedrichshafen for her merits and close fellowship as well as for her great commitment to the student exchange. This project is still of great importance today, as demonstrated by the visit of the German delegation to our school in April 2018, led by the State Councilor of Baden Württemberg, Gisela Erler and the Mayor of Friedrichshafen g. Andreas Brand. Participation in the exchange of students has resulted in many awards, especially in cooperation with high school Gesamtschule Paderborn-Elsen on projects such as “Heroes” (2003), “Images from Homeland” (2004), “For Europe Without Borders” (2007), “Stars on the Way to United Europe” (2009). Particular attention was drawn to the project under the symbolic title “The 70th anniversary of Monte Scherbelino – History Turned into Oblivion” (2015), which among other things marked the 20th anniversary of student exchange with Paderborn and 70 years of the victory over fascism. We owe special thanks for the success of student exchange with Germany and the unselfish engagement and enthusiasm to our principals in retirement Zlata Bukvić, Ešrefa Gačanin, Jasmina Melkić and Kenan Novalija. Because of the positive experiences, and unforgettable and unique adventures of our students in the past 22 years, we look forward to the next 20 years with great pleasure.


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